Relevant standard index of precision seamless pipe


1) Main varieties of precision seamless pipe: DIN series precision precision bright precision seamless pipe, precision seamless pipe for hydraulic system, precision seamless pipe for automobile manufacturing

2) Main standards: DIN2391, din2445, en10305, DIN1629, din1630, ASTM A179

3) Main material of precision seamless pipe: ST35 (E235) st37.4 ST45 (e255) ST52 (E355)

4) Main delivery status: NBK (+ n) GBK (+ a) BK (+ C) BKW (+ LC) BKS (+ Sr)

5) Main features: no oxide layer on the inner and outer walls of precision seamless pipe, no leakage under high pressure, high precision, high finish, no deformation in cold bending, no crack in expanding and flattening

6) Precision seamless pipe is mainly used in hydraulic system piping, automobile manufacturing piping, military industry, engineering machinery, railway locomotive, aerospace, ship, injection molding machine, die-casting machine, machine tool, diesel engine, petrochemical industry, power station, boiler equipment and other industries.

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